Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taking a vacation from our vacation!

We're heading to Paris in the morning on the Eurostar high-speed train. I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with pictures and stories. Bye!

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paula said...

Hi Chris!
I have spent a good chunk of time here this morning, printing off your nugget box pdf templates...found from Debbie Olson's blog. Well....OMG, I go to click on your blog and I can't figure out why all this non-stamping 'stuff' is posted, I was wanting to see your art work n' stamping. Long story short, I ended up way back to the begining of your journey and have been catching up on you and your families excursions. London is my dream to go to and I will when our 25th anniversary rolls around in 5 years, but until then, I am enjoying your tales! LOL I was planning to rent a car but you have me thinking twice on that one! So THANKS for you time put into your nugget boxes, that is just awesome for you to share that info. I have just added Paris on my euro trip-to-do-list.. I am obsessed with Marie Antoinette! Can't wait to see what you guys are doing next. Have a happy day, from Michigan!