Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More royal sightseeing

The girls and I took an excursion to Kensington Palace today. Kensington was the home of Princess Diana. There were two special exhibitions at the palace; one of some of Diana's dresses, and another entitled "1958: The last debutantes". Both were very interesting and well-done. There was also a tour of the State Apartments. I wish I could show you photos, but again, cameras were not allowed. You're just going to have to visit and see it for yourself!

We purchased a family membership to Historic Royal Palaces when we were at the Tower of London over the weekend. It includes admission to five different palaces for a year, plus discounts at their gift shops and cafes. It turns out that if you're going to visit at least two of the five, you'll save money with the membership. So today's adventure didn't cost much at all. Two down, three to go!

Here's the outside of the palace. It's not actually all that large compared to some of the others. Of course, you could fit my house inside it several times over!

This is the Sunken Garden near the palace. Isn't it beautiful?

In the park near the palace, we found a carousel. The girls enjoyed a ride. Every carousel we've seen in England (at least five so far) has had names on all of the horses. This is new to me. Either they don't name the horses in the U.S. or I've been really blind to it all my life.

In the park is the Round Pond. Look at how many swans live here! We saw dozens of them. And they're extremely tame. Juliette got almost nose to nose with one. You can even pet them. Very interesting.

I think it's finally summer here! The school kids are out as of this week, and the high temperature is staying above 75 pretty much every day now. Yes, I'm aware of how lucky we are, since the temps at home have been topping 95 for weeks. I am happy to leave my jacket at home during the day now, though!

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