Saturday, July 12, 2008

High up over the river

Today's adventure was a visit to the Tower Bridge. I'm sure you've seen it:

The Tower Bridge is London's only drawbridge. About 1000 times per year, the road deck is raised to allow large ships to pass through. The bridge is over 100 years old and was a major engineering feat in its day.

There is also a tour, called the Tower Bridge Experience. Did we go on it? Of course we did! See those walkways way up high between the two towers? That's where you get to go on the tour. The views are wonderful. The walkways are completely enclosed and don't feel at all scary. There are two walkways, one facing east and the other facing west over the Thames. The tour sends you along both walkways. There are numerous little (about 6x10 inches or so) open windows along the walkways for the purpose of taking pictures. That way you can get your photos without having to shoot through window glass.

This picture was taken from the sidewalk at road level before we went up in the tower for the start of the tour. What a gorgeous bridge!

Here are a couple of shots taken from the walkway. This one shows all of the boat traffic on the Thames.

This is one of the shots that shows why I think that London's official bird should be the construction crane! Everywhere you look, there are dozens of huge cranes working on what must be massive projects. That funky rounded building in the foreground is London's city hall.

This photo was taken from one of the walkways looking toward the other walkway.

As we were leaving, the clouds had gathered, looking kind of ominous. I love this shot of the bridge with the darkening sky.

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Granola Grrrl said...

What fabulous photo ops you guys are getting!