Saturday, July 5, 2008

More museum hopping!

Because my girls are being so great about letting me continue to snap their photo nearly every day, I'll start off with yet another "aren't they beautiful?" picture. For those who know my kids, you'll appreciate the totally appropriate sentiment on Katrina's shirt - "I (heart) pink". 'Nuff said.

Now for more London adventures. On Thursday we went to the London Transport Museum, which is dedicated to the history of the London Underground, the buses, and the taxis - all of the components of the super convenient public transportation here. I've talked to some locals who consider the Tube to be overcrowded, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, find it to be very reasonably priced and easy to get from one place to another. And yes, sometimes it's overcrowded, inconvenient and uncomfortable. But for those of us with no car, it's fabulous. And when you come from a city like Dallas, where the public transportation system is about 30 years behind the times, you can truly appreciate how great London has it!

Anyway, the museum was terrific. I was amazed to see how long ago all of the Underground lines got started. Even our little town of Uxbridge, which is way out at the end of the line, got train service before 1910! Here are a couple of photos from the museum, one of an old double decker bus, and one of an early horse-drawn tram car. There were displays beginning in the 1800s and continuing through planned expansions up to around 2050. There's even a simulator where you can drive one of the trains. The girls and I all had a great time.

The transport museum is located right next to Covent Garden, which is a lovely market with lots of shops, arts and crafts vendors, street performers, bakeries and restaurants. All in all, a very nice way to spend an afternoon.

Today we ventured in to London again, this time to the British Museum. This place is absolutely massive, so we didn't even plan to try to see the whole thing at once. We spent most of our time in the Egypt and Greece collections, which are amazing. One of the major things to see at the British Museum is the Rosetta Stone. My photo stinks, but it's proof that I did indeed see the stone up close and in person (my kids did too, as you can tell by the reflection that I managed to capture of them!)

For those looking for crafting news on this blog, you'll be happy to know that we slipped in a visit to Blade Rubber Stamps, which happens to be less than a block from the museum. I found a few British-made stamp sets and some patterned paper. It's very nice to be able to get these things here instead of paying even higher prices for mail order to the U.S.

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