Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nine weeks of junk mail

Guess what happens when you have the post office hold your mail for nine weeks? Yikes!

The sweet lady at the post office took my form and disappeared into the back room. When she returned with one of the post office tubs full clear to the top, I was amazed. But even crazier was the fact that there was another tub full as well. Guess what I did this afternoon?

Ahh. Much better.

The best part? Not a single jury summons in the pile! Going on vacation has always been the way we get summoned. I was a bit afraid that we'd come home to one or even two missed ones and have warrants out for our arrest! Whew!


tz said...

that trip you took looked wonderful, what a great vacation.

that much mail would have overwhelmed me!

Saunas Man said...

Junk mail is definitely a problem and a pain in the derriere. Greta blog by the way!