Monday, January 15, 2018

Temperature quilt progress - two weeks

So, we're two weeks into January. How is your temperature quilt coming along? If you are already on board, super! If not, there's still time to join in! I've found that making my three flying geese units per day for my three quilts only takes about five minutes, since I have the triangles pre-cut and organized.

Here are my three quilts so far. These will be for me and my two sisters. You can really see the difference in temperature ranges for the three locations! I've chosen to indicate days where the temperature never rose above freezing with a downward facing goose. My Texas quilt will have just a handful of them, while my Wisconsin sister's quilt will have quite a lot!

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Little Busy Bee said...

Thanks for sharing your process and idea for this quilt, I've also started mine, that's an exciting project!