Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time for yet another new hobby - quilting this time!

I've been wanting to learn quilting for years. My mom has always sewed. She made lots of clothes for me and my three siblings when we were younger, and she's been quilting since I was a teenager. The process of quilting has always fascinated me. So I decided it was time to dive in. I bought a sewing machine and started to surf the internet for pattern ideas. For my first quilt, Mom encouraged me to start simple - all squares and rectangles. Better to save the triangles for a future project. I decided on a disappearing nine patch design starting with some nice big squares - 6x6 inches. Once the nine patches are cut into quarters, you end up with blocks that finish out to 8 inch square. The quilt came together quickly and is all in my favorite colors, so I loved the process.

I think I'm addicted now! I have two other quilts in process, fabric chosen for a couple more beyond that, and a stack of patterns that I want to try. Stay tuned!

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