Monday, April 1, 2013

Ugly card blog hop

To celebrate April Fool's Day, I'm joining Suzanne Dahlberg's Ugliest Card Ever blog hop. We all have cards that we once thought were oh so cute that didn't stand the test of time, don't we? I sure do! I couldn't even narrow it down to one card, so I'll post my ugliest plus a few runners up.

I think that I'll have to call this one my ugliest:

Wow, these colors are kind of blinding, aren't they? And paper tearing as an embellishment - I'm totally over that!

Here are a few others that stood out to me as great examples of ugly cards:

An example of fussy cutting for no good reason!

Too busy, and the colors are so not pretty to me now.

A beginner attempt to use some pretty awful patterned paper.

Thanks, Suzanne, for the opportunity to remind ourselves just how far we've come!


Meg said...

I am loving this blog hop - it has me giggling like crazy - please feel free to come laugh at my card - the colour combos are ambitious!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Very cool post, Chris! You have come far!! I don't agree on a couple of these, but I do on others. Phew! So fun to share! Happy April Fool's Day and it's fun to meet you!!

Bonnie aka raduse said...

Couple of these cards are pretty good, but I'll agree with you on a couple. I so remember doing the paper tearing embellishment thing too. lol

Suzanne said...

Hi Chris! You were a head of your time with the neon trend, for sure! You have come far, and I am glad you enjoyed the hop. Thanks for linking up with us!