Saturday, December 31, 2011

Progress report–stamp reorganization

So, I thought you might like a progress report on the big stamp reorganization project. As I showed in my last post, I’m in the process of moving my stamps from CD cases to Tim Holtz unmounted stamp folders. I’ve been at it for two weeks, but we were traveling one of those weeks, so let’s call it a week. I’ve probably spent about 25 hours on the project so far.

Here are the two DVD boxes that I have almost filled with stamps. I’m probably not even halfway done yet. I initially predicted that four of these boxes would hold my entire collection, but I’m now guessing that it will take at least six.


I’ve done a few big sentiment categories and several image categories. The scariest one to tackle is the flower images. There are just so so many of them! But at least when I finish the flowers, it will put me much closer to the finish line.

Here are the flower folders all laid out on the table. There are 13 of them now, with quite a few more to come.


As I separate out my sets, I’m really getting a good picture of just how many stamps I have. More than anything else I’ve done, this is bound to help me to be much more frugal with my stamp spending. I’m really loving the stamps in their categories, too. I can see so many possibilities for using things together that I never would have found before.


Here’s the folder count so far:

Christmas sentiments – 12
Thank You sentiments – 6
Birthday sentiments – 5
Love sentiments – 4
Sympathy sentiments – 2
Handmade sentiments – 2
To/from/invitation/gift sentiments – 1

Flower images – 13
Tree images – 7
Star images – 3
Heart images – 2
Snowflake images – 2

I initially purchased 100 of the stamp folders, and I’ve used nearly 60 of them already. I’m sure there will be more. I’m enjoying the process, and I love the result even more.


Caroline said...

Hi Chris - great detail on your methods - thanks! What do you do if a stamp can fall into more than one category? I've indexed my stamps, but some get stamped in a few categories. Maybe I'm being too OCD!

Chris Simon said...

Hi Caroline! Yes, this was a concern of mine, too, since my paper index that I used to have also had some stamps in multiple categories. The answer is that I have fewer categories now, so not as much chance of overlap, and I also just make a decision where a stamp is going to live and stick with it. One example of the fewer categories thing - I have a sentiment category called "Encouragement" now which covers a whole lot of ground that might have been a dozen different little categories before. It's got all of the generic card sentiments that don't fit directly under "thinking of you", "get well", "sympathy", etc. And it seems to be working out fine.

Caroline said...

thanks Chris!

Unknown said...

Hi! Can you use the Tim Holtz system for clear stamps, too? I guess my question is, is this system safe for the clear stamps? Thanks!