Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fathers Day card, and another "stamping" friend

I'm a little late getting around to showing you this, but here's my Father's Day card that I sent to my dad. I wanted to make some background paper using the compass rose image from Father Knows Best. The Guidelines 2 paper made it very easy to do. I looked through a lot of sets to find images to use - the compass rose and the small brown concentric circles are from Father Knows Best; the large green medallion is from Simple Little Things (2008 anniversary set); and the green bars are from Simply Stationery.

Details: stamps - Father Knows Best, Simple Little Things, Simply Stationery; paper - Guidelines 2, Ripe Avocado, Dark Chocolate; ink - Ripe Avocado, Dark Chocolate; accessories - dark chocolate twill ribbon, key tag punch and horizontal slot punch (Stampin' Up!)

Remember I mentioned in my last post that my daughters were members in my craft room? Here's another member. This is Tom:

Tom is a two year old parakeet who lives in my craft room. Tom thinks he should be allowed to play with my craft things. What do you think?

I have no idea what's so fascinating about these monster paper punches, but Tom will play with them for hours. He noses around them for a long time, then tries to get on top of them. But they're smooth and he can't get a good foothold, so he slides off and flies away, only to come right back and try again.

If he'd fall in love with a tool that was more his size, he might be a useful contributor!


Why S? said...

Yes, Tom should be allowed to play with your craft things. Never discourage a creative impulse in others.

Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say I saw your geocities page via ThisD*mnHouse. Nice kitchen remodel. I winced when you said your kitchen had 6 doors. I just posted an update on our completed kitchen remodel. We had enough trouble working with only two passageways. I envy your pantry. Our kitchen is too tiny for much storage but there are just 2 of us, so it's not such a big deal.

Give my best to Tom!

Teton Valley Mom said...

Your father's day card is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Susan aka "Crunchy" said...

Tom is so cute!! Your card is gorgeous! I love how you used several sets to get that look. It's just fantastic!

Thank you for commenting on my blog today! :)

Wendy said...

I had a budgie for 9 years. I think that Tom likes the shiny metal part of the punches. We had a mirror in our budgies cage. They think that it is another budgie! So cute! Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.