Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun with markers

I've been practicing more with my Copic coloring. I have thousands of stamps, but not a lot of them are "coloring" images (yet). Here are some sweet little chicks from Elzybells. I was mainly trying to concentrate on where the sun was shining on them (I hope it's obvious that my sun is in the top left corner). I really like how the shading came out on the pink/purple egg and on the chicks. I still need more practice, but I'm very happy with the things we're learning in Colleen's class.

I am amazed at how many markers you can use to get a nicely shaded picture. I used 26 different Copics for this image. I even took a picture. Enjoy, because it's unlikely that I'll be organized enough to show them regularly!


Shannan Teubner said...

DUDE! I could have sworn I commented on this're doing GREAT!!!!

april said...

Love the coloring. It is so vibrant.

Carolina said...

Your shading is lovely, those pens are great, I might even have to buy some (and will end up wanting them in every color :)