Sunday, March 23, 2008

I only pretend to be organized

Does this happen to anyone besides me? I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up my stamping room, and do you know what one of the biggest categories of "stuff" was? Empty containers of various kinds that are supposed to be making me organized! On the positive side, I also found almost $40 in cash buried in various piles of ones and change. I'm trying to get things less messy so that we can do a big switch of the living room and the stamping room. The new stamping room will be quite a bit smaller than the current one, so cleaning up the clutter is essential. Wish me luck!


Shannan Teubner said...

Yeah I know how you feel! if you need anyone to adopt your alterables, you know who would give them a good home! ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you sneak in and take a picture of my "organizers?" This looks just like me. I have all these plastic containers just in case I need them!!! Good luck with the clean up and room switching!

Lynn said...

Getting more organized is always a good feeling...but finding money is even better! (now you can buy more stamps!hehehe)