Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Maren, one of my Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers buddies. Please check out her blog. I love her style, and am blown away by her great projects on a daily basis.

1. Stamping Style: It's taken me awhile to figure out what my style is, but I think that "clean and simple" is probably the best description of where I am at the moment.
2. Inspiration: SCS, swaps, blogs
3. Color: I seem to be obsessed with reds (pomegranate, ruby, real red) and yellows (apricot, saffron, summer sun, banana) lately for some reason. Hadn't even noticed until I checked out my recent blog and gallery photos.
4. Work Space: I currently share the family room with my DH's computer building hobby, but we're getting ready to swap the living room stuff into that room (biggest room in the house) and move my stamping things to the living room. DH's computer building will be moving elsewhere. This is kinda scary, because the current craft room is almost 14x20 feet and the new one will be about 11x12.
5. Perfect day: Sleep late, yoga, lazy lunch, hobby time, good movie or reading, good dinner, chocolate, stay up late (I'm a night owl).
6. First Job: delivering newspapers
7. Wildest dream: finish remodeling my house
9. Family: Darrell (DH), Juliette (10), Katrina (7)
10. Beverage: Diet Coke, water
11. Biggest Challenge: Finding enough hours in the day for all of the things I find entertaining.

Let's see - who should I tag? How about Amy, Kathy, and Lynn. All three of these ladies have terrific blogs as well. Go see!

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